In Chandler, for reasons unknown, stars are falling from the sky, filling the beaches with light as they wash ashore. Let the stars be your guide and embark on this mythical voyage between Earth and sky. Your mission is to carry the light of a fallen star along the way and return it to the night sky.


Follow the path to where the stars are waiting for you.


They say that stars hold the secret of the universe and memory of the world.

Here in Chandler, the stars gather above the old train bridge, at the mouth of the Grand Pabos rivers where land meets water and sky. Each night they reveal a luminous spectacle that glitters with wondrous depth and beauty. Travelers come from around the world to gaze up at their clusters and constellations.

But recently, for reasons unknown, the stars have begun to fall. They rain over the area, washing ashore weakened and barely aglow.

By the shore, stars lay scattered. Each awaits the arrival of a pilgrim to carry it on a journey back to the night sky.

Nova Lumina is a 1.5 km sea side night walk. Visitors explore the trail at their own pace. The experience lasts approximately 60 minutes.


You encounter a vast field of stars.
As the tide washes in, starlight flows to the rhythm of the waves.


Enter a grove surrounded by ancient trees. Here, the stars sing the story of the universe in harmony.


Your star awakens to tell you her story over the centuries. She tells you about the founding people, the wealth of the sea, the forests and the rivers. Memories flow.


After sharing its story with you, your star takes you to the seashore to reveal the mysteries of the seabed. Somewhere between sea and sky, be charmed by high tide, low tide… and celestial tide.


Now that you know her story, your star takes you even further back in time and space. Your surroundings transform into an endless canopy of stars.


As you take the final steps of the voyage, your star is finally prepared to reveal the biggest secret of all: we are all made of stardust.


The scenery and the sky open up before you. Your star shines brighter than ever, revived by the energy she’s accumulated along the way. The celestial dome is revealed at last.


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Toddlers are free of charge but tickets need to be added to your cart. Please note that toddler tickets do not include a pilgrim's stick.

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